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Emergency Helpline Numbers



Working Hours

Phone Numbers

May 14- June 3, 2018

0930 Hrs-1800 Hrs . 

After 1800 Hrs




June 04- July 26, 2018

0000 Hrs-2400 Hrs

( 24x7)




July 27- July 31, 2018

0930 Hrs-1800 Hrs. 

 After 1800 Hrs 




Getting your FAN ID


A physical FAN ID is a document that all the spectators of the 2018 FIFA World Cup™ matches MUST HAVE to get the access to the stadiums. A FAN ID is a small laminated form containing the personal data of its holder.

A FAN ID can be issued only to the 2018 FIFA WORLD CUP ticket holders. 

You can apply for FAN ID after purchasing your tickets at: 

After your FAN ID application has been approved you can receive the physical FAN ID by mail (may take up to 60 days)  or pick it up at a distribution center:


Alert: Fraudsters duping Indian nationals posing as Embassy officials

Instances of Indian nationals residing abroad having been duped by fraudsters by impersonating as Officers of the Indian Missions and Posts have come to the notice of the Indian authorities in Inida. The fraudsters have also used the technology to spoofing the numbers of our diplomatic facilities to appear genuine to the targeted Indian nationals.   The Embassy of India, Moscow  would encourage victims of such frauds to come forward and share the details with this Mission so that necessary assistance including arrest of such fraudsters could be effected. The identity of the victims would be kept discreet and they may contact the Indian Embassy, Moscow through email-  Этот адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра. , telephone - +79652773417+74959162353 / +79652773414+74959174835 or you can visit the Consular Wing of the Indian Embassy, Moscow or send the same through post. The victims of such frauds may  provide information as per the table while submitting the complaint through the email or post."


Russian entry Visa or FAN ID

1. Prepare for your trip, plan your itinerary, buy a ticket to Russia and reserve a hotel room.

2. Indian nationals require a visa issued by the Russian Embassy/Consulates in India or country of your permanent residence or a FAN ID to enter, stay and exit from Russian Federation. If a person is travelling by land route into Russia or to Kaliningrad (an enclave of Russia) from Russia, he would need to take a Schengen Visa for travel by land route.

3. The Indian citizen should have a passport which must be valid as of the moment of entry and for the duration of stay in the Russian Federation. If you are travelling to Russia before June 4 or after July 15, 2018, you must have a valid Russian entry visa. A Russian entry visa may be obtained from the Russian Embassy/Consulates in India or country of your permanent residence. However, if you have entered Russia on strength of your FAN ID, you are entitled to exit Russia on strength of your FAN ID till July 25, 2018, after which date you will have to obtain a regular visa.

4. Indian citizens can enter and leave the territory of the Russian Federation visa-free multiple times with a FAN ID ( either in the laminated form or in electronic format if they have valid documents of identification that are recognized as such by the Russian Federation (Passport).

The electronic FAN ID needs to be exchanged to laminated FAN ID at the various FAN ID distribution centres in the 11 host cities or at the temporary tents near the stadiums, which operate only on match days. All the Indian spectators are advised to exchange the electronic FAN ID to laminated FAN ID at the earliest to avoid inconvenience and last minute rush. The laminated FAN ID allows an Indian citizen to access the stadium(s) (ticket needs to be purchased), free transportation between host cities and within the city on match days and various discounts the cultural institutions may provide.

Multiple entry with FAN ID (electronic or laminated) is possible from 00:00 June 4 to 23:50 July 15, 2018 (local time of arrival). Multiple exit is possible from 00:00 June 4 to 23:59 July 25, 2018 (local time of departure), i.e., visa free entry into Russian with FAN ID will be possible 10 days before the start and 10 days after the end of the FIFA World Cup.

5. Technical support points for FAN ID would be operational at the various entry airports (before Immigration/Passport/Border Control) and also on the land routes (Kaliningrad and Leningrad).

6. In case of loss or damage of FAN ID, a duplicate FAN ID would be issued at the FAN ID distribution centres or on match days, at temporary tents near stadiums - free of cost and within 5-10 minutes.

7. Further details on FAN ID can be collected from or can contact on following hotline numbers:

8(800)775-20-18 (calls from/within Russia)

+7(495)741-18-18 (calls from abroad)

Know India Program For Overseas Indians


Registrations for Know India Programme (KIP), the flagship initiative of MEA for engagement with young overseas Indians has started. The last date for registration is 19 November, 2017. 
The details of the guidelines and and online registration platform is available on the link: 
Link for registration:



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