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Transportation in the host cities (intra-city)

1. A FAN ID entitles its holder to free travel in the host cities on match days on specific routes with unlimited rides and upto 4 hours after the match is over. 

2. The spectators can benefit from free transport services on the match days in the host city in urban public transport (except on the routes of the sports events).

3. Specially designated shuttles will be provided from airports or railway stations to the venues (stadiums) on match days.  Details will be available on the following link: or call transport directorate 2018 hotline numbers: +7(495)741-18-18


Transportation to host cities (Inter-city)


The spectators at the sport events are allowed to travel to the host cities by the additional trains upon presentation of the following documents: a match ticket, an identity document (the same one that was used to obtain the FAN ID), and the FAN ID. 

You can reserve your ticket and obtain more detailed information about free transport services during the 2018 FIFA World Cup:

(Limited number of tickets available)



1. From May 25 to July 25, 2018, every foreign citizen travelling to Russia must register with proper authorities (territorial migration office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation) within 24 hours upon arrival in the Russian Federation.

2. Hotels in Russia provide registration services of their guests. A copy of the registration slip may be collected by the visiting Indians from the Hotel and kept in their custody till their departure/exit from Russia.

3. If you have booked a room with AirBnB, you must ensure that the host registers you with proper authorities within 24 hours upon your arrival in Russia. 4. For registration foreign citizen must have a valid document of identification (Passport), migration slip, hotel reservation, etc.

5. Foreign nationals have to register in every host cities visited separately within 24 hours upon arrival in a host city. Every new city visited requires new registration to be completed.


FAN-ID for children


Children must obtain their own FAN IDs. 

A legal representative of a child (the father, the mother or a representative appointed by a child protection body) can submit an application for a child under the age of 14 years, sign his or her consent for the processing of the child’s personal data, and obtain a FAN ID.


Migration slip

When entering Russian Federation, foreign citizens are issued migration slip by the Immigration/Passport Control/border guards at the air/land/seaport.  This documents is very important; make sure it is with you for the whole duration of your stay in the Russian Federation.


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